Rift: Autumn Harvest tips and tricks

Rift: Autumn Harvest sign

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First off, to get into this special area, find one of the Fairy Rings on your map in most any zone (DO NOT enter through the Realm of the Fae dungeon entrance). Once you click on the thing in the middle, you will be taken to a special Realm of the Fae area. Here there are a few quests, each of which will get you some items to farm, and thus be rewarded for your efforts.

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The rewards for your efforts are a potion which gives you Fae sight to see "treasures" for a few seconds. These treasures are artifacts, you should be able to get 2-3 per potion you drink (this is why you might have seen a price drop recently on artifacts on the AH. Additionally, you will also gain some Autumn Harvest Harvest Sap, which can be turned in for rewards. You can also gain Autumn Harvest Signets which can be used for a mount as well. 

The easiest quest which will gain you the potions and the Harvest Saps, is the quest Hand of the Harvest. The proper way to do it, is to follow one of the boar's called Rooters, and then kill the critters they spot, then attain the Liferoot they leave behind. However there is a much easier way, and that's to simply do an AoE attack on the nearby foliage walls. It should take you only a few minutes to gather them solo. If you are doing the AoE method, watch out for ninja looters. If they hang around you, just wait for them to leave. 

Alternatively, you can also kick the Compost Crawlers into their pen (the area which normally has giant hives). Just a little warning, these little guys will eat the Liferoots, so even if you are doing one of the above quests, make sure you kick them away.

Compost Crawler

Compost Crawler's eat Life Roots, kick em away when Gathering to help the Fae

One of your quests to get a signet, will require you to close water rifts that grant experience. It should be noted that you can mentor down to the level of the mobs if need be. This will allow you to gain the level needed to close the rift and get experience. If you can't find a water rift, then just go ahead and use a porticulum to port to different map areas and then set the map/zoom to check for a water rift. Alternatively yo can ask where one might be, however by the time you get to the one, it might be on it's way to closing or already closed. Another alternative is wait for a water event.

Now you might be thinking you can simply go in a group in the Harvest Fae land at the quest giver and simply let others do the work for you. This is partly true. However if you stand at the quest giver, it's likely you will get kicked from the group. It's better to hide around the corner and then run back and forth for the turn in and gather. Though the real trick is to invite all the gatherers, and be the "manager", that is the person who makes sure there is no one not helping, and kick those who don't... except for you of course 😉

There are also raids you can do for the signets, but you will need to be a bit geared and level 50, to complete these. If you play your game right, and do everything you can, you should be able to get all 4 of the shade mounts before the event is over.

Another thing to do during this event, is make sure you are playing the Official Rift Android App,  and playing the Lootable "Pumpkin Patch" for some more items for free - just scratch and win, you can play 24 games per 24 hours. 

You can pick up the Rift Android App and a working Android emulator, if you don't have an Android or iPhone. 

And the following is some tips and tricks for our members here.

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