Rift: Autumnal Event is over – now what?

OK, so the Autumnal Event is over, we collected artifacts and mounts, so now what?

Now, we go back to playing in our normal lives, hunting with our friends on Greybriar, downing bosses, and waiting. We're waiting for the expansion which will bring people back, waiting for the event merchant to accept Autumn Harvest currencies, and most of all just waiting.

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But here's a tip for you, which should bring you some gold and plat while we wait... If you collected scores of Artifacts which you didn't sell, or didn't use... send them to an alt. When people come back for the expansion - and they will come back... they will begin collecting artifacts again. This will be when you want to sell them. You see there is some demand for them now, but in the next few months, there is going to be an increased demand, so much so that we can expect them to go up in price and sell much quicker. Of course you could list them now, but unless you are selling your Rift plat, there is no real reason to keep listing them on the AH. As a bonus, when you stop listing them, all the prices will also go up for others, which in turn will help you down the line as well.

If you are a collector, make sure you buy them now off the AH. I expect a sharp increase to the cost of artifacts in the next month, and while it will be easier to farm plat, it just means that it will take a bit longer, with the price spike.


for those who caught it, yes, I am on Greybriar - US. I have a Guardian and a Defiant, and would welcome anyone into my guild - it's small now, but could grow with your help...

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