Rift: Instant Adventures Rift Encounter Tip

I love Instant Adventures, but on occasion they can get bugged. In particular, closing Rifts. In fact, this happened to a group of us today. An Air Rift was supposed to be closed, but on act 5, it bugged, and the boss mob, never appeared. This can be frustrating because you can't do much about it... or can you?

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As it happens the quest text does say close an rift in . Of course it might be asking for fire or life, or even death, but alas all is not lost. If you have some level 50s in the group it's not lost anyways. Sure, you can search for a rift of the same elemental nature, or on occasion, you can simply ask if anyone can open one of that element.

For example, my rogue went with Air Attunement, since he uses both a bow and daggers, plus of course dexterity and endurance are the 2 main stats. So in our case, when the previous Air rift became bugged, I simply ran over to the nearest tear, and opened a new Air rift. Of course it's also possible that someone could have more then one element able to be opened, and if that's the case, you might not have need to worry about a particular Rift type.

Just remember if a rift of the type needed for the quest gets bugged, you can ask someone else to open that element for you, as long as it's in the zone you are questing in. It does NOT need to be an elemental rift within the green circle.

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