Rift: Instant Adventures tip

Instant Adventures are great! Last night I played for 1.5 hours and managed to level 2 planar levels, effectively gaining 1M experience. However, sometimes it's a pain in the arse to travel around, aggroing every mob, while you run across the map. This tip, prevents all the running around.

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There are actually 2 solutions, the first is that you simply use portals to move across the area, using the soulstone when needed to move back to a portal. However this isnt needed and is actually inefficient.

The second way, cheaper and quicker, is to leave the instant adventure, re-join and get offered the teleport. It won't always work, if you are close by to where you need to go, so do consider running or mounting up and riding there first. However, if the area you need to go is half-way across the map, then this is a great way to get there quicker, saving you endless time.

Do note however that if you were in a group and higher up, you need to choose the same area in which to go. So if you are say level 50, helping out some friends in Silverwood, don't do a random instant adventure, as you might get ported to Stillmoor or Droughtlands. Instead you need to choose to go back to Silverwood.


Good Luck, and happy adventuring!

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