Rift: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – Locations

In Trion's infinite wisdom, they decided for an event called Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach. Aptly, the quest is to plant trees. Unfortunately, there is one major problem. In Scarwood Reach, there is only a total of 5 locations you can do this in. To top it off, there is also a timer of 5 minutes per spawn location. You have to plant the tree in that time, otherwise the location dissapears for a bit. Now, I am not sure of the actual time it takes to spawn, but it seems to be around 25-45 minutes.

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The worst part about this quest is that if you don't know the actual location to go an plant the tree, if the tell-tale sign is missing (mushrooms), you won't know that it's a location to plant the trees. In other words, if you don't know where to look, you might look for hours across the whole map, and miss them, because someone else grabs the location, plants a tree, and that location will be gone.

Just for fun, Trion added another twist, which you might have guessed already... only one person can place a tree per spawn. Now if you group up, it's not too big a deal, everyone in the group will get credit, if your group is the one to plant the tree... but imagine if you are Defiant on a PvE server. It's possible for a single Guardian rogue (or any other class for that matter), to hide out, wait for the mushroom spawn, and grab it, ruining your group's chance to get it till it spawns again. 

RiftMinion - Automated PvP, PvE, Fishing bot Conceivably, it's possible to complete this mission in as little as 3 hours... but that's not likely to happen. So here's a list of some of the locations, I hope it helps...

3198, 3959
3005, 3889
2923, 3648


Sorry, but I do not know the other location. Perchance, someone else can help with them? 


[edit] Trion did it again...

It's almost like they read my mind... or my post. It seems Trion put a little thought into their diabolical plan and realized it was a bit too evil, even for them. Rift is now not limited to the  few locations listed above, and it's much easier to find the mushroom surrounded stumps. It took me about 20 mins last night, but 2 of the stumps I found were by one of the locations listed above, so it made it much easier for me.

Here's a picture of what one of these stumps looks like, along with the large mushrooms as well. I mention the size, so that you aren't looking for some dinky mushrooms or maybe a faerie ring surrounding the stump, with the little white mushrooms.

2 Responses to Rift: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – Locations

  1. Jake says:

    Keenblade Mill, they respawn all over there, you can do this in 10 minutes
    3900,3900 Just patrol that area

  2. bob says:

    yes this quest was changed to they didnt take so long to respawn

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