Rift: Server Transfers are Live – Your server’s dying… now what?

With the server you were on (like my old one) dying from all the people transferring off, this has opened up a couple opportunities. First off - DON"T LEAVE the dying server. You actually should leave with all your alts, but your main character who can solo mobs, should stay put. There are a couple things you can do with a dying server.

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A while back, you might remember that I posted  a guide on Artifact hotspots. Artifact hotspots, are places where there is usually 5-7 artifacts, waiting to be picked up in a small area. These are great opportunities, to knowledgeable artifact hunters. As it happens, hotspots, are actually places which are like the road less traveled. They are places which are barely traveled, except for a rare quest in the area. People rarely go back to them, which makes the artifacts easy to gather.

The first thing a dying server allows us to do, is to have less competition for artifacts. So while everyone is leaving, transfer everything you can to your alts, level them to 15, and transfer them to your destination server. Now with your high level main character, start exploring these hotspots, and other places you might already know. With less people on, this means instead of gathering 5-7, you might actually gather 10-13 per spot.

An additional thing to be able to do more of, is to use these to hit rare mobs. The easiest way to check for where these mobs are, is to read achievements and then check a database for their locations.

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Using these 2 tips, you can complete your rare mob hunting achievements and gather massive amounts of artifacts. Good Luck!

2 Responses to Rift: Server Transfers are Live – Your server’s dying… now what?

  1. TomRiddle says:

    Didn’t the game just go live March 1, 2011 and it already had dead servers??

  2. Spitt says:

    They opened up free server transfer. People from low pop servers went to heavy or medium pop servers. The low pop servers suffered, and are being downgraded, forcing the rest to flee.

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