Rift: Solo Elites with a Mage

To solo an elite you either need a lot of survivability, or a pet that has a lot of survivability. I prefer the latter. The Elementalist's Greater Earth Elemental is the best pet tank a mage can get. The Earth Elemental has a lot of health, but more importantly all 3 of his abilities force the mob to focus him, or generate additional threat. Planar Expansion, Elemental Link, and Greater Elemental Affinity reduce the damage your pet takes.  However going with Elementalist instead of Necromancer means you don't have Soul Purge, so you need to find a way to output DPS, while keeping your pet tank alive. This is where Chloromancer comes in.

The spec I use is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zqRz.ExIk0xoAtz.xdIuooM.

Once you have your spec and your bars setup, put Synthesis on your pet, keep Lifegiving Veil, Elemental Armor, and Synergize up.

For the rotation I macro icy carapace, nature's touch, lightning strike, and crystalline missiles together, in that order.

#show nature's touch
cast icy carapace
cast nature's touch
cast lightning strike
cast crystalline missiles

The macro causes the rotation to be very simple:

Radiant Spores > Ignite > Then spam the macro until Crystalline Missiles is cast once. Then repeat starting with radiant spores.

In practice you should very rarely need to drink, or stop between kills. Keep in mind this is a one trick pony, it does not do good DPS or do very well in PVP. It is only good for killing elites, or hard mobs. You should be capable of soloing most group quests and Rifts with this build.

You can get close to the same result with a Necromancer based build, however the Necromancer pets take more damage and require you build charge before you can heal them. Necromancer will however output significantly more DPS with the same type of build, making it better for every day questing but not as good for Elites and hard mobs.

And thats it.

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