Rift: The new way to farm Planarite

It used to be, the fastest way to farm planarite was to go to Shimmersand and farm the minor Earth Rifts with a group of friends or guild. Unfortunately, with the lower populations and the fact that when most people hit 50 now, they want to farm either Ascension Levels, Gear up through dungeons, or even do the new Conquest, this makes it a bit difficult to find groups for, especially for long amounts of time.

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Of course you want to flutter from place to place doing the zone events when they pop. These will gather both planarite and Inscribed Sourcestones, but what about when you are between events, or on late at night when there aren't as many people helping to do the zone events? This is where this new'ish method comes about. It's actually been around and available for some time, but this is aimed at the people who didn't know about it.

You can goto Ember Isle, and farm Invasion mobs, and even do a quest to kill them. Keep in mind that the quest is a daily repeatable but once you complete it, you can still farm the invasion mobs.

See the map for details;

There are a few of these places around Ember Isle however I like this one because it's so close to a portal, and just up the road. Also, I like how the nearby items will help heal you. It won't do much good if there are too many mobs for you to handle of course, so don't over-do it because you're a tank or healer... like I did.

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