Rift: The new way to farm tickets F-A-S-T

In ye olden days... erm make that about 1-2 weeks ago, the fastest way to farm tickets was to pop balloons in a raid. Basically you would earn 1 ticket every 30 seconds. And today, if you try to do it, good luck finding a raid. Eveyone has their balloon pets, no one wants to make a raid nor for that matter pop balloons every moment of every waking hour.

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So now what is there? Well it happens, that there are a few different quests which opened up in Shimmersand. One of them, can be done by any level, and will produce 3 tickets every 30 seconds or so. Now before I get you confused, yes, I know there is another one that offers 4 tickets - this is the timed race. The problems with this one are a couple things... if you get caught in a Shimmersand event, then you might find yourself unable to complete the quest due to mobs all around you which happen to range in level from levels 46 on up. Another reason this one isn't that good, is it actually takes about 40-60 seconds. This averages to 10-15 seconds each, and the 40 seconds is a rare moment.

So what's the new way to grab tickets? Talk to Bylhix the brewmaster on the event ships in Shimmersand. He will give you 1.5 mins o drink 15 brews for a "contest" called the Drinking Contest, warning you of the time and the visions which will ensue. I have been able to repeat the quest within 30-35 seconds, and the low time being the norm. 

The key to this game, is to simply drink the Tankards of Ale, not the bottles of beer. The bottles of beer will give you 1 credit each, and the ale will give you 3. If you go in on the "quest" completely drunk, then you will drink an ale, then be incapacitated for a few seconds. If you go in completely "sober" then it will only take you about 15 seconds to complete the task.

If you see a loaf of bread, and you have had a couple drinks -or- are falling prey to drunkeness, then grab the loaf and eat it. This will remove your sickness debuffs, and start you out sober again.

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