Rift: Warrior Skull Helm

Have you seen the skull helm? Or maybe you just want one to intimidate your enemies in PvP? As it turns out, there is one in the game. Unfortunately, it's from a rare mob, which means you will either have to spawn camp or find it on the Auction House.

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Gormungun's Scarey Hat comes from a rare mob called Gormungun (of all things, lol). He also drops a dagger, so there is a roughly 50/50 chance of getting the item. Of course with a 5-6 hour spawn time, this means if you get lucky and he is there when you pass him, you can bet he won't pop for at least another 4 hours.

Gormungun spawns on a rock, just outside of Granite Falls (up the hill on the right near the small lake). His coords are 4768, 5107. If you happen to pass by there, or you are turning in a crafting/daily quest nearby, make sure you check to see if he's present.

While I haven't seen this item on the AH yet, I would expect this to be an easy score of 4-5 platinum, easily. It will help more, if you advertise it in trade or level chat, and have one on yourself, so that you can display it for others.

Assuming that the mob spawns 4x a day (guesstimate), then there is a chance to get 2 per day. However most people will likely vendor, runebreak, or break into components with armor smithing.

If you really want to make money, you need to not tell people what it is, but instead tell them it's a skull helm for warriors. This then keeps people from looking it up in zam or other databases to find where to get it.

Unfortunately, this helm is made of plate, so only warriors can use it. I would hope that wardrobe items, could actually be any items, since they don't actually give any buffs, but alas, this isn't so.

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