SWTOR: Fastest 1-400 Investigation Leveling Guide

You will have the ability to gather Researched Compounds used in the Armstech Crew Skill for making weapons, with the Investigation Crew Skill. This Crew Skill can also sometimes produce Schematics (recipes) for other Crew Skills which can be traded to other characters or sold at the Galactic Trade Network (auction house). The other unique ability with the Investigation Crew Skill is that you can uncover completely new Missions while on a mission, which can provide materials for other Crew Skills, item enhancements, item modifications and/or rare gear. With the Investigation Crew Skill, you can also gain Research Compounds, Prototype Schematics and Companion Gifts.

Mission Crew Skills can only be completed by your Companions, eventually when you reach higher levels, you will be able to complete 3 missions by 3 companions at once. You can also send your companions out to complete missions while you’re logged off as well.

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