SWTOR: Guide to Defeating Darth Zash

The Sith Inquisitor must defeat Darth Zash to prevent his own death. Darth Zash is a Sith Sorceror who can heal herself. She is Similar to the Sith Inquisitor. It's almost like trying to defeat a mirror image of the Sith Sorceror. For the Sith Assassin, this fight can be one of the hardest of the SWTOR game so far, as the Sith Assassin needs to approach Darth Zash to hit her, and this action will expose the Sith Assassin to the area effect spells of Darth Zash.

This will guide the Sith Inquisitor with tactics to defeat Darth Zash and then climb the Sith hierarchy.

Get Lord Kallig's Lightsaber to Defeat Lord Zash

In SWTOR, Lord Kallig appears before the sith inquisitor once the last Tulak Hord artifact is retrieved. Lord Kallig commands the sith inquisitor to head to Nar Shaddaa to retrieve his lightsaber. The lightsaber will help the sith inquisitor to defeat Darth Zash. To get the lightsaber, use the map to get to the casino (star cluster casino taxi stand) and then speak to Mila Escalus. Learn from Mila Escalus that the lightsaber has been taken by Gyl Rosen. Confront Gyl Rosen and use the appropriate dialogue options to earn some dark side points. Then defeat Gyl Rosen and get Lord Kallig's lightsaber.

It's time to face Darth Zash with Lord Kallig's lightsaber. Aloysius Kallig informs the sith inquisitor to bring an ally along to the fight with Darth Zash at the dark temple. Darth Zash suggests bringing the dashade assassin along. The idea behind these series of conversations is to bring a friend PC player along with the sith inquisitor.

Tactics to Defeat Darth Zash

In SWTOR, defeating Darth Zash is not easy. The easiest way is to simply bring a friend along for the fight. The sith inquisitor should not face Darth Zash until he is at least level 32. So bring along a friend of that level or higher and Darth Zash can be defeated easily.

However, if the sith inquisitor wishes to defeat Darth Zash solo, then the following tactics should be observed -

  • This fight will be fast and can turn at the slightest wrong move. So stay alert and keep the mouse and keyboard actions swift and flawless
  • Since the companion for this fight can only be Khem Val, turn on the combat stance option on Khem Val, and make sure Darth Zash distributes the damage about evenly between the sith inquisitor and Khem Val
  • When Darth Zash targets the sith inquisitor, it may be wise to run around and allow Khem Val to hit Darth Zash
  • Use med pacs and willpower stims to try to maximize damage on Darth Zash
  • Use jolt and overload to interrupt Darth Zash's abilities, particularly the healing ability and area effect ability
  • For a relatively comfortable fight, it may be better to try to defeat Darth Zash at level 33
  • Don't forget to electrocute and then Channel the Force and then electrocute again. The key is to interrupt Darth Zash's abilities so giving the companion constant chances to create dps damage

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With perseverance and the right keyboard key striking and mouse clicking practice, Darth Zash will be defeated. With the defeat of Darth Zash comes the promotion of the Sith Inquisitor to the title "Lord". Watch the interesting cut-scene and know that the legacy pathway of the sith inquisitor will be unlocked by defeating Darth Zash.

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