SWTOR: Making Credits in patch 1.2

According to a developer blog post, there will be some changes coming in patch 1.2, mainly to crew skills. Supposedly the developers want to bring crafting to end game, which means they will be changing, enhancing, or even adding recipes to the game.  There will be changes to all the crafting classes, and a huge change to Reverse Engineering.

What will be added?

Artifice will gain the crafting of PvP recipes.

Cybertechs will be able to sell their crafted mounts.

Biochem's "Red Goo" will be reclassified as a grade 6 item. Buy them now to sell after the patch (don't buy too much, you could lose money if others try this strategy) - if prices are low after the patch, blame it on everyone dumping their stock. Wait for the prices to normalize and th3en go back up.

Slicing will lose the ability to make random augments, but gain the ability to make components necessary for them. So3 just level with lock4boxes when you can, so you will be able to farm the components later.

What's this all mean to you? If you haven't already done so, level up some crafters and be ready to sell, sell, sell. The first few days after the patch will be like a credits tree for the person who starts selling PvP gear or anything else which is new to the game.


Read more at the developer blog for more changes.

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