SWTOR: Trooper Fact Sheet and videos

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"Cutting-edge Special Forces ... Advanced strike teams ... comprised of only the most talented and disciplined soldiers—a new breed of elite Republic Troopers."

“If you’re a player that just wants to get in there and wreak havoc ... you ‘d be a Trooper ..." Tim Temmerman Associate Producer Lucas Arts


"The Trooper is a patriot in wartime, serving his people and deciding what lines he's willing to cross if it means defeating an Empire that wants to put his beloved Republic in chains. When the Trooper's story begins, you have just finished advanced training in forward assault, search & destroy, and advanced recon, and been asked to join Havoc Squad, the most elite of the special-forces groups."

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"With his impressive arsenal of assault rifles and grenades, the Trooper is the best ranged damage dealer the Republic has to offer." Damion Schubert Principal Lead Combat Designer BioWare
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Starting Planet: Ord Mantell


  • Heavy Armor
  • Heavy weapons
  • High Area of Effect Damage and Solid Crowd Control
  • Highly flexible and adaptable pacing mechanic (Ammo)

Known Playable Species:

  • Human
  • Zabrak
  • Mirialan

Primary Attributes:

  • Aim
  • Endurance
  • Cunning

Ability Pacing Mechanic:

  • Ammo
  • Basic attack does not consume ammo (Unlimited blaster ammunition)
  • Special munitions attacks like Grenade consume Ammo
  • Ammo pool = 12
  • 6 Ammo can be refilled every 9 sec with Fast Reload in combat

Trooper Abilities

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  • Fast Reload- Self/Restores 6 Ammo/9 sec cool down
  • Hammer Shot - 30m/multi-hit/moderate dmg
  • Rifle Grenade - 30m/5m AoE/high dmg + knock back + 2s knock down to target, low damage to others/4 sec cool down/-4 Ammo
  • Full Auto - 30m/up to 8s channel/moderate dmg for up to 8 sec/stun during channel/-? Ammo per sec channel
  • Stock Strike - 4m/low dmg/5s knock down/30s cool down
  • Firebomb - 5-30m/AoE/5s moderate DoT/5s stun/?s cool down/-? Ammo
  • Sticky grenade - 5-30m/AoE/3s delay/very high dmg vs target, moderate dmg vs others/3s panic on target followed by 2s AoE knock down/?s cool down/-?Ammo
  • Carbonite grenade - ?-?m/AoE?/dmg?/?s Freeze on target (does not break on damage)/?s cool down/-? Ammo
  • Weapon Buffs - self/at least 3 different buffs, one at a time? color coded red green blue, blue may augment damage/?s cool down/-? Ammo
  • Personal Shield? - self/gold colored cylinder surrounds Trooper momentarily, it appears to be a damage shield/?s cool down/-? Ammo
  • Call Shuttle - Home Point Recall/10s cast time/30min cool down
  • Revive - 10m/5s cast time/Revives a fallen Player or Companion/Common to all classes, unknown if restricted to Out of Combat usage
  • Recharge & Reload - OOC Restores Health and restores Ammo/15 sec channel/60 sec cool down
  • Kolto Bomb (AoE): Unknown. [heal]
  • Trauma Probe: 1230 over 30 seconds. [heal]
  • Surges (seems to cover variousSurge spells)
  • Gut: 606-613 damage and 264 over 6 seconds.
  • Adrenaline Rush: 30% Max HP for 15 sec. Health is lost after the effect wears off.
  • Pulse Round
  • Explosive Surge
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Grav Round: 1580-1590 damage
  • Hammer Shot

Other Abilities:

  • Battlefield command buffs enhance companions and party members making parties stronger and more flexible.
  • Ability to call in air strikes.
  • Trooper helmet has voice processing.

Game play:

"The first time ... the Trooper mops this entire party of enemies up with his blaster abilities... I don't want to be a Jedi any more at that point ... because I've seen how damaging the Trooper can be." William Wallace Senior Game Designer BioWare

The Trooper is a Nuker with Heavy Armor and...

  • Most offensive abilities combine High Ranged AoE damage with AoE stun based Crowd Control (CC), so while you deal damage, you simultaneously disrupt the opponent’s ability to fight back.
  • The Ammo mechanic gives the Trooper excellent real time flexibility in ability usage.

Specialization Paths:

  • Commando: Heavy Blaster Cannon, Grenades, Ranged DPS, Roles: Mid - Long Range Damage Dealing, Healing
  • Vanguard: Blaster Rifle, Energy Shields and Defense, Roles: Close - Mid Range Damage Dealing, Ranged Tanking

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