WoW: Destruction Warlock PvP Guide

Destruction Warlocks in PvP are known for their high damage output. To be effective with a Destruction Warlock, you have to make up for your lack of CC (Crowd Control) with damage. Killing an enemy quickly is essential to your success.

One main piece that you should decide on is which Pet to use. The felhunter is widely regarded as the best pet for PvP and should be your first choice. The succubus is also good due to it’s ability to CC which is a weakness of a Destruction Warlock.

You should beging by turning off autocast for Spell Lock and Devour, and if you are using a Succubuss, the Soothing Kiss and Seduction. You want to have complete control over the Spell Lock ability, to be able to use it at a prime moment in the fight. Casting Shadowbolt and Soul fire should be your first priority when attack an enemy. Position yourself at almost maximum casting distance to ensure that you can not be easily attacked. These moves do not break Fear easily so after casting them you can either try to Immolate the target or fear them. Be careful though because Immolate will most likely break the Fear. If there is another enemy in the area and you have the Succubus out you can use Seduction to prevent them from engaging you in battle.

Try to avoid using Pet’s such as the Imp for PvP because they do not have sufficient health to stay alive. Against classes such as Shamans and other spell casters excluding mages you should use Curse of Tongues to slow their casting time. If they are not a caster you should DoT them up as best as possible and try to kite them around the map while fearing them as well.

Classes such as hunters can use Silencing shot, so it is absolutely vital to have your Felhunter out to dispel this. If you are not able to cast, a hunter will rip you apart. If the hunter uses Bestial Wrath, it can be very difficult to avoid. Try to prevent the hunter from getting any ranged attacks in, and try to weather the storm from the pet. Fighting against a warrior can also be quite a challenge due to their many ways to get out of Fear. You should try to apply all of your dots and attack first if you are fighting one. If a warrior attacks you first, Death Coil and then Fear immediately in order to avoid the initial damage.

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