WoW: Dugi’s Gold and Auction House Guides

Dugi, is one of the most well known guide writers today. He easily comes in at a close second behind Zygor's both in the amount of guides sold as well as the speed at which the level cap is reached. His guides compete on every level. This guide is NOT his leveling and achievement guides, but rather Dugi's Gold Guide.

A lot of gold making guides out there teach you the basics in some easy to read format, telling you which addons to use, and then how to use an Auction House addon like Auctionator. They might tell you about a market or two, and try to tell you to capitalize on it. This guide actually goes into a little more depth then that. It includes 4 video modules, of which there are Starter videos, Foundation videos, Advanced videos, and Finally Golden (advanced gold making) videos. Each of these modules then have 4-5 videos under them, so basically you are looking at over 15 video guides, as well as a well written PDF.

Now you could purchase Dugi's Gold Academy guide today for only $30, and you would continue to get regular updates. Or...

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