WoW: Easiest way to farm gold


If you aren't interested in learning the subtle ways to making gold, then this is the guide for you. However you should know that while this guide is easy, it's also not the way where you will make a lot of money right now. It's more for those who want to make a steady WoW Gold income.

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Let's get started making WoW Gold.

  • Level a character to the max level of your expansion pack.
  • Surf the AH for things that are selling such as, Herbs, Potions, Enchantments etc.
  • Pick up Jewelcrafting for Prospecting, Pick up Enchanting.
  • Level another character to max level for your expansion pack.
  • Pick up Inscription, and Tailoring.

Now that you have picked up your characters, and your professions, you can either farm the materials, or buy a small amount to get started.

  • Farm or buy, high level herbs. Send to Scribe. Mill them, Make Inks Sell Inks.
  • Sell resherbs (Reserve Herbs) to bank toon to hold.
  • Farm or buy, high level ore. Send to JC, Prospect ore, use green gems to make necklaces / rings, send rings to Enchanter.
  • Disenchant Rings / Necklaces, send enchant mats to bank toon to sell.
  • Send blue gems to Bank toon to sell, or cut the gems then send to bank toon to sell.
  • Buy cloth, make high level blues, disenchant, sell high level mats. Works for purples too.

Do not waste your time and money making enchants that will be flooded on the market.

Sell the mats. Never the product. Unless there is absolutely an empty market.

Those are the steps. Get to work!

If all that seems a bit too easy, check out this Hayden Hawke's Gold Guide, where she teaches you the more advanced ways to make gold.

The Only WoW Gold Guide updated for MoP

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