WoW: Fire Mage PvP Guide

PvP Fire Mages are known for doing some of the largest amounts of damage, in the shortest periods of time. Because you miss out on some of the CC and armor effects of Frost, you have to be very careful about charging into a fight. Your main castable spell should be Fireball and Scorch.

Other fire spells such as Fire Blast should always be used, because you have an increase in fire damage. The first step when entering a battle is to try to come in undetected, or to sheep the other player. Make sure to always keep your distance from the other player.

Counterspell and Reflect are two good ways to deal with other casters. When they are silenced, you should try to dump all of your cooldowns on that one player to inflict as much damage as possible. Once you have used a decent amount of fire spells, it might be time to finish them off with low health. Spells such as Arcane Explosion should be used when players are close to you, but be careful because Arcane moves require a lot of mana due to your spec.

When assisting other teammates, which should be your made goal, you can use Pyroblast, a long cast spell that does the most damage out of any of your fire spells by fire. Be careful not to get this reflected back at you by another Mage. You will be assisting most people in battlegrounds due to your lack of slowing effects. Try to position yourself next to things that provide an easy escape. Standing next to a wall where you can easily hide behind to prevent other casters from hitting you is optimal. If a melee class gets close to you, use Blink to get away as fast as possible. If you are low on health, or do not want to fight that particular player, you should Sheep them and run away.

Sheeping should be your main source of CC. As a good mage it is necessary to be able to control one player with Sheep, while inflicting damage on another. Bind the Sheep Spell to a key that is easily accessible to your left hand because you should be using it almost every battle. As a mage you should be conjuring water and food for your teammates before the battle starts. It’s free and it can come in handy when fighting long fights. Another buff that you should apply to yourself and to all other party members with Mana is Arcane Intellect. To master a PvP Fire Mage you should practice these points daily.

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