WoW: Gold Making Tip – 2 Rare Items to scan for on the AH

In World of Warcraft, there are 2 items which came out in a recent patch that are very rare. When I say very rare, I am talking about an extremely low drop rate, while the items cannot be transmorgrified, will still be on people's watch list.

The Only WoW Gold Guide updated for MoP

high-society-top-hat These items are High Society Top Hat & Rhinestone Sunglasses. Now the interesting thing about these items, really isn't that they are rare, it's the pattern to create them that is rare - you have the be a tailor to get the top hat pattern, or a jeweler to get the sunglasses pattern.

These are so rare that at my last check there were less then 100 of the items for sale on the AH across all the realms for both US and EU players. If you see one up for sale, for a low price, grab it, and reslist at a high price. What is a low price? That's up to you, but the high selling price I have seen, has been as high as 30k WoW gold.

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