WoW Gold Tip: Brewfest is here again!

Brewfest is here again and there is more to fill up with than the brew.  Brewfest is a great time to fill up your mug with some extra xp and gold.   All levels can participate in the fun events being offered.  Brewfest is located outside Ironforge (Alliance) and Orgrimmar (Horde).  This year’s brewfest has many new rewards  for those lucky enough to face off against Coren Direbrew.

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Coren Direbrew Rewards

Doing this daily boss/dungeon will get you a special keg which can drop an epic item and/or even a mount!  Not to mention Coren himself drops different trinkets which are now item level 365.  For a list of all the trinkets click here.  There is also a chance to get two awesome looking mounts: Swift Brewfest Ram and/or the Great Brewfest Kodo.  These will only drop in your Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest which is a daily reward you will receive if you defeat Coren Direbrew.  There are two epic weapons that can drop in the daily keg as well: Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker (BOP) or Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror (BOE).  Direbrew’s Remote is a nice item that can drop as well.  This item allows for the teleportation of you and/or your party members straight to the Grim Guzzler located in Blackrock Depths.

Brewfest Daily Quests

Every day until October 5, you can do daily Brewfest quests.  For most of the quests you complete you will collect experience, silver/gold and Brewfest Prize tokens which can be used to purchase other goodies from a token redeemer.  You can also obtain two different vanity pets/companions as well.  The Wolpertinger is part of a daily quest and the Pint-Sized Pink Pacheyderm can be purchase with 100 tokens.  You can also get many achievements that are funny and crazy.  For a list of all the achievements, click here.

Brewfest is a joyous celebration of beer, food and XP.  Take all your toons and join in on the festivities before the kegs run dry!

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