WoW: Hunter Marksman PvP guide

PvP Marksmanship Hunters are key factor in PvP due to their melee ranged attacks. They are able to inflict melee damage from a distance. When playing a Marksmanship hunter your primary focus should be to stay far away from the person you are attacking. Hunters have a few moves to complete this task.

Wing Clip slows enemy attackers and allows you to get sufficiently far enough away to use your ranged attacks. Scatter shot is probably the best option for getting away, but has has a longer cool down than some of the other moves. A hunter comes equipped with many spells to do damage to casters. You should always use your pet to slow the casting process in 1v1 situations and can even be used to distract a healer when dealing with more than 1 target.

The arrows are melee and not spells, so attacking Mages, Priests, and Warlocks is always rather easy. Viper Sting should be used to any caster to drain as much mana as possible, rendering them useless. Through this spec you should also take full advantage of Silencing Shot. Increasing the quality of the gear you have creates much more effectiveness for Marksmanship. If you can distance yourself from the caster and drain their mana, you will most likely be successful in PvP.

Fighting against other melee classes can be more difficult and should be done carefully and when you have all of your cooldowns available. Depending on your spec you can use Steady shot to create some solid DPS against Plate and Mail wearing classes. Keeping them at distance and slowly grinding them down will be your best way to succeed. A common tactic to use against melee classes is to Feign Death and then immediately lay a trap such as a Freezing Trap. After that you can back up and use a concussive shot to keep the enemy CCed. Next line up an aimed shot Arcane shot is also an effective way to do spell damage to classes with armor. If you are a Night Elf Hunter you also have the ability to Shadowmeld when you are regenerating health. Remember to bind all of these important moves to keys near your left hand. If ASDW does not provide enough close keys, you can change to SDFE. This is very useful when you are in a battleground such as Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch. Overall the PvP hunter is one of the most effective classes.

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