WoW: Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling Spreadsheet

All you have to do is type in the prices (in the yellow boxes) for your Auction House & it should calculate where any profitable conversions are. To use it, just choose the cooking material you have from column A & read across that row to find which other cooking material to convert it into for profit (or savings if you're leveling your cooking of course).

You don't need to worry whether you are converting vegetables to meat/fish or vice versa - I have adjusted the profit calculations accordingly within the sheet.

Also, you may want to sort each section (vegetable rows, fish rows, meat rows etc) by Column B once you've entered your AH prices - make sure you sort the whole section though otherwise the formulas will mess up big time! lol Sorting is optional but it does make it easier to read if your cheapest price is at the top of each section.

So an example might help I guess. If I have plenty of Wildfowl Breast & want to use those to convert to vegetables - I can see by reading along row 29 (wildfowl breast, column A) that converting to Juicycrunch Carrots, Green Cabbages or White Turnips will give me a loss, converting to Witchberries will give me profit of 1g63s per item but converting to Jade squash will give me a very nice profit of 6g 67s per item!

Please remember though - cooking materials are very volatile right now & prices are likely to vary widely over a few days - don't sink loads of gold in today then find out your 'profitable' material from the list above is the cheapest on the Auction House tomorrow. Spread your risk too - don't invest loads in just one cooking material - if you are going to convert a lot, convert to a range of different profitable items so that you are covered as prices change.

Download Spreadsheet:

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