WoW: Joana’s 85-90 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guides

Joana's 85-90 Leveling Guides

Mists of Pandaria is here and Joana's 85-90 guides are ready to go! Read on, for why you should use this guide, above all others to level from 85-90 on your Alliance and Horde toons.

Get from 85-90 QUICK. I list in detail the exact methods I have used to go from 85-90 in the new Mists of Pandaria expansion pack in less than 1 day of play time, and this guide makes leveling in MoP easy as cake with absolutely no frustration at all.

My leveling guides are made with the intention to be server first on any server! The number one goal of my new MoP guide is to get you from level 85 to level 90 is the fastest way possible. And everything in my guide can be done solo. I do list optional group quests but those can be ignored if you are playing solo. So to answer this question - YES!

ALL level 85-90 zones are fully covered! You can use my guide to obtain all quest achievements! All solo quests are covered in my guide, so that means if you follow the whole guide you will be able to obtain all quest achievements for Mists of Pandaria. Through out my guide I cover optional areas that can be done to obtain these quest achievements.

These guides are a step-by-step in-game guide mod that is very easy to use.

Starting areas are covered for ALL races, including the new 1-12 Pandaren starting area.

There is currently a brief 85-90 Daily Quest Guide available for my MoP guides. A much more in-depth one is coming later and will be a free addition to the MoP guides.

A Full 80-85 Daily Quest Guide is available for my Cataclysm guides.

I list exactly when to accept quests, when to do them and when to turn them in, all in an order which is done in the most efficient manner.

I go into great detail in it, I list everything that I do, including when I make an area my new home, or when I accept or turn in a quest, EVERYTHING is documented (but without clutter).

The in-game guides will show you waypoint arrows on where to go, which makes leveling ridiculously easy!

I give tips/tricks on how to do a lot of the quests in the game. You should never have to look up anything on wowhead/thottbot/zam since all the info you need is right there in the in-game guides.

Whether you want to follow these guides step-by-step or simply just pick up what quests to get, what quests to avoid, where to do them, when to turn them in etc, and no matter what level you currently are, you can pick these guides up and start using them today to dramatically help you level a LOT faster.

Joana's 85-90 Horde & Alliance leveling guide

Members can download the 85-90 for both Horde and Alliance portions of the guide below...

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    Can anyone download this? I can’t.

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    try again, re-uploaded, new password

  3. fuzzboy says:

    Password fixed. Thanks.

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