WoW: Make Gold, Selling BOP Pets

There is a nifty little trick you can do, which will make you some nice money in WoW. All you need to do is sell pets. Simple, right? Well what if there was a way to get a "rare" pet and then sell it, over and over again?

Buy Fast Gold & Safe Hand Leveling

Everyone knows you can take a cage and then use it on a pet, to then give it to a friend. This makes farming them easy as you can do it on any character or account. As it happens, this can also be highly profitable if you use a little trick to sell faction pets to people.

Who wants to grind rep, just for a pet? Some factions are more rough then others to grind rep, some can take a very long time. So this is where you can make some very nice gold to pet collectors. Simply grind the rep, and sell the pets in the trade channel after you cage them. You can even show them off to potential customers first!


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