WoW: Making gold, by crashing the market

This one might seem a bit strange, but it's a method which can be used to make quite a bit of gold in WoW, as well as other games which have free market trading via the Auction House, Trading Post, or even a Bazaar.

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The time to crash the market, is when there is too much competition. You know what I mean, you post an auction and someone undercuts by 1 copper, each and every time you post, usually within 10 minutes. This means that instead of making your measly 100 gold at the end of the night, you go for the big money by kicking players out of the market. So you crash the market. This might seem ludicrous, but it can work for some short periods of time, and can result in more profits overall.

We do this by taking away any and all profits out of the market, and under-cutting others by 1-5 gold, each time they list an item. So they undercut you by 1 copper, you undercut them by amounts of gold. Eventually the prices will be so low that no one can make any money, and they stop listing. You continue to hold the prices down for 2-5 days - forcing your merket enemies to either stop altogether or sell to a vendor to make their money back. Then you start relisting the items at their normal rates. 

This is an unconventional method, but it will help to kill the other peeps who mark your items down, and in turn when they drop out, allow you to again make gold on the items.

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