WoW-Mists of Pandaria: Preparation Guide (part 1)

In about a month Mists Of Pandaria will ship out and finally we will have something new to do, kill new baddies, raid new places, level our professions and open up new opportunities to make gold. But before MoP finally ships we are going to have some time to make some pre-launch investments that will pay out big in the near future.

This is simply the same thing that happens with the release of every expansion, the week or so before the release of the expansion people get into insane mode, and they are trying to unload everything they have in the hope of making some quick gold off it while it is still current. This has some basic logic behind it, but if you give it a second thought and realize that even though it won't be the current end game tier there will still be market for it, and it will probably end up being much more expensive than it is now.

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