WoW: Windwool Cloth farming location for Mages

Really, you could farm this location with any class, but there is a trick which makes it extremely easy for mages in particular. You will be able to farm Windwool Cloth among other items of particular note. The trick is what makes this spot special, since we will be using Spellsteal to gain a buff of damage reduction.

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The buff itself is Timberhusk which gives you an 80% damage reduction. You will be farming Kor'thik Timberhusk and you should already have the quest Up in Flames. If you have the quest, you can also take the barrels and throw them at the mobs which will burn them. If not, as a Fire Mage, you will be able to debuff them and take them on, while you Spellsteal the Timberhusk buff.


Unfortunately the buff only lasts for 2 mins, but you should be able to mow these creatures down without problem as long as you keep stealing the Timberhusk so you won't take more then a little damage. Since the mobs don't have a fire spell, they won't be able to debuff you.

We do not know if having turned in the quest if you can still farm these mobs in this way.

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