Tera Online: Ultimate Berzerker Class Guide

In Tera Online the berzerker class is a powerful burst damage dealing DPS class that has the ability to block attacks using his axe as a shield. The berzerker class or zerker for short is known as a PVE hero, as they have some of the highest critical’s in game using thunderstrike or lethal strike.


In the PVP area’s in Tera Online they can put an axe through your skull and do some serious one shot kills when properly behind the target or when the target is knocked to the floor. One thing to note about the berzerker class in PVP is that you will want a healer class to back you up. While berzerkers have good burst DPS when they are against two players they quickly lose steam and can find themselves in trouble. Berzerkers also have the slowest movement speed and normal attack speed since they run around with one of the biggest weapons in game when they enter into a battle alone the likely hood that they can escape like most classes is very low.
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