Aion: Accuracy vs Weapon Def, Shield Def & Evasion

Every character has these attributes: Accuracy, Weapon Def, Shield Def and Evasion.
- Accuracy (Hit Rate)
- Weapon Def (Reduce physical damage and block the enemy's physical attack)
- Shield Def (Reduce physical damage)
- Evasion (Evade the physical attack)
How do they work?
The Weapon Def, Shield Def and Evasion make effect only when they are higher than your enemy's accuracy, and the highest one has the most chance to occure.
Take an example!
If your enemy's accuracy=1800
your Weapon Def=1700 (Noneffective, so the weapon defend wont occure)
Your Shield Def=1900 (Effective, so have the chance to block the attack)
Your Evasion=2100 (Effective, 2100>1900 = the more chance to evade the attack than blocking)

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& Advice for Templar

As a Templar, you have the advantage in Shield Def, so your Shield Def is higher than Weapon Def and Evasion, you must make full use of the advantage, so increase your Shield Def is the right choice.
& Advice for Gladiator
Different with Templar, Gladiator has the advantage in Weapon Def, so increase your Weapon Def is the right choice.
& Advice for Chanter
The Chanter has the skills to highly increase Weapon Def, so increase the Weapon Def is the right choice, and recommended weapon is Staff for higher attack.
& Advice for Cleric
The Cleric is low in the Shield Def, Weapon Def and Evasion, so its hard to defend, the recommended weapon is Mace with a Shield.
& Advice for Ranger and Assassin
Inrease your Evasion is the right choice, so some Mana Stones (increase Evasion) are recommended.

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