Aion: Asmodian Armorsmithing Guide


Aion's Armorsmithing crafting skill enables players to craft various types of armor, shields, and other items made of metal. Though time and Aion Kinah consuming, Armorsmithing produces decent items be useful to most players, especially Warriors and Priests. As with any other skill, leveling up your Armorsmithing skill will consume huge amounts of Aion Kinah; training costs anything from 3,500 Kinah up to more than 100,000 Kinah at higher levels, not including the cost of failed crafts and Materials.

I. Training Costs


Skill Level


Char. Level

Lesser Armor Smithing 1-99 3,500 Aion Kinah 1-20
Regular Armor Smithing 100-199 17,000 Aion Kinah 20-30
Greater Armor Smithing 200-299 115,000 Aion Kinah 30-40
Expert Armor Smithing 300-399 460,000 Aion Kinah 40+
Master Armor Smithing 400-499 1,500,000 Aion Kinah 45+

To level your Armorsmithing skill, you need to complete 'work orders' that are given by the Armorsmithing expert NPC. The Asmodian Armorsmithing expert is Kinterun, who can be found at the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium.

II. Leveling Armorsmithing

To make crafting easier, position yourself between the nearest Armorsmithing workstation and Kinterun so that you can quickly turn in your work orders.

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