Aion: Making Gold/Kinah in Your Sleep

Whenever I pick up a crafting profession in an mmorpg, I try to find a way to make a few extra gold to fund its progression.  I found a cheap way to make gold with Leatherworking, Jewelycrafting in WoW. There’s always a way, and I’ve found mine in Aion Online.  Please note that this method takes quite a bit of time so I only recommend this to be used when you have quite a bit of time off (ie before you go to bed/school/work etc).  Anyways here’s my first ever Aion Guide on making Aion Kinah/Gold with Tailoring.

Its really the same concept as the Leatherworking tip I posted a few years back for World of Warcraft.  Its a common sense know how much you can sell your product for, and know how much it costs to create the product.  Also include how much time it takes for you to create it to see if its worthwhile.

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I will use Tailoring’s  Strong Durable Leather Jerkin as an example.  Please note that this is a generic vendor recipe.  The materials for this recipe is relatively cheap since no one wants white quality gear at level 38, so take advantage of that fact to net you some quick money.  Even the Critical version of this recipe is outdone  by its level 33 equivalent making it relatively worthless for players.  Or is it?  Let’s take a deeper look into it.
To make one you’ll need:

Now go check the Auction house for these items, and see what the prices are.  I’ll use my server’s prices to demonstrate my point, also I’ll include the reagent price(vendor) for Greater Leather Hardeners.

  • Strong Leather Pads - 1k-2k
  • Strong Leather Cords - N/A
  • Fine Armor Flux - 1k-2k
  • Aether Gem - 500-1k
  • Strong Leather - N/A
  • Strong Rawhide - 100-500
  • Greater Leather Hardener - 478

Also note that it takes exactly 38 Strong Leathers(76 Strong Rawhide) to make the pads/cords.  If you’re familiar with Aion’s crafting system for Tailors you’ll know that the Strong Leather Pads have a chance to ‘Crit’ into Strong Luxury Leather Pads, and Strong Finest Leather Pads, so you’ll need to make a few extra.
So lets total up the cost of these materials here:

  • 11x Strong Leather Pads - 10156 Kinah (22 Greater Leather Hardeners x 478 Kinah)
  • 16x Strong Leather Cords - 7648 Kinah (16 Greater Leather Hardeners x 478 Kinah)
  • 4x Fine Armor Flux - 8,000 Kinah ( 4 Fine Armor Flux x 2000 Kinah)
  • 28x Aether Gem - 28000 (28 Aether Gem x 1000 Kinah)
  • 76x Strong Rawhide - 38000 (76 Strong Rawhide x 500 Kinah)

This totals up to 91804 Kinah in materials OUCH!.  Easy enough right?  Now you are probably wondering why you’ve gone a created a rather crappy looking piece of leather that noone on the Trade Broker is even going to buy.  Well since you’re at the tradeskill vendor why don’t you just dump the newly made jerkin off there, and find out that that nice npc who sold you all the reagents, is willing to buy this crappy item from you for a whopping 114,000 Kinah.  Netting you an extra 22k Kinah profit guaranteed.

Now don’t forget about critical craft chances.  One in five of these Jerkins will Crit into a Strong Noble Durable Jerkin and these vendor for a whopping 142k Kinah.  That’s a nice 50k profit.
Now the only thing stopping me from mass-producing this is the fact that other people have already caught on to it, and I often find the trade broker on my server devoid of leather/fluxes.  It still doesn’t stop me from tailoring 5-10 of these a day.  The most time consuming part is making the Strong Rawhide into Strong Leather, which I usually do in bulk before I go to bed as it takes a few hours when you do a large quantity.
That about wraps up this tip for making some easy Kinah, but to be honest, the best way to make alot of Kinah is to just level up.  At level 41 as a ranger class I can make roughly 150-250k an hour soloing the elites in Lepharist Citadel in Eltenen, but that’s another story for a later time.

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