Aion: Super Easy Kinah, 100k in 1 day! !

Get off Poeta ASAP. Then talk to the Teleporter in Sanctum - he has a repeatable quest that can be repeated up to 100 times per character.  This quest rewards 100 EXP and 500 Kinah - EACH, and only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete each time.  We'll assume 3 minutes even though thats really a high amount of time.  By the time you have done this a few times, it should take you 2 minutes each run.

Lets do the math:

3 Minutes x 100 Quests = 300 Minutes or 5 Hours

500 Kinah x 100 Quests = 50,000 Kinah

Thats 50,000 Kinah in less than 5 hours!!!

The next repeatable quest is right outside of Verteron Citadel -- The Tog Daeva who wonders around the town. He too has 100 Repeatable quests with the same rewards.

This means you can make an easy 100,000 Kinah in about a day!!!

3 Responses to Aion: Super Easy Kinah, 100k in 1 day! !

  1. King_Yoshi says:

    The teleporters now cost kinah to use, so its not as profitable as it used to be.

    They added a cost to the teleporters because too many botters were exploiting this quest!

  2. Nicholette says:

    50,000 kinah is not a lot of money, especially for 5 hours worth of running back and forth.

  3. King_Yoshi says:

    This used to be profitable because you could teleport practically from the quest giver, to the person you need to hand the quest into…

    But they caught on fast, so you can’t do it anymore 🙁

    Also they now added a cost to city teleporters, or in some cases, removed them entirely. 🙁

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