Archlord: Make lots of money fast!!!

Create a knight (most defense/HP) character, go outside the town and kill greem & yellow worms.
When you are level seven and you have 500 + cash sell all your useless drops to merchant. Now go to the town and buy the skill Ransacking, go to the merchant and buy a knife and some potions as well.

Go to Jamushi's seal.  Start killing the wolves there. If you are successful you will have about 99 wolf fur's in and hour or two. Go and sell these wolf furs for about 1 k each = (99,000 gold) most player's buy these because you can make metamorphis potions with them. With the profit give it to your main char and he will have lots of money for weapons, armor, accessories and other stuff.

If these wolves are stronger then you, and you can't kill them, kill deer instead. Instead of selling their furs for 1k, sell for 600.

Other monster's can be ransacked too, which can also make some money, but wolves work best for a character.

Rinse/Repeat whenever you need some money.

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