Asheron’s Call: How to level 1-80 in a few hours

Some of you may know this already, if you are a long time reader of mine... I started out playing Asheron's Call. I still even have a buddy who checks it out and gives me notifications, when something changes. Recently, he decided to try it out again, and this time try an Olthoi. An Olthoi, if I recall correctly, is a bug like creature. But I am getting a bit off track here. He wanted to level quickly, and so I gave him this 1-80 leveling guide I recently came across. And now, for you our readers, you get the guide too...

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  1. Access to a Buff Bot with level 7's (with 2hr duration if possible)
  2. (if possible try to get into a allegiance that has buff items and portal devices in their mansion/villa)
  3. Lugian Hammer/Axe (they are the 3,000 burden ones that cannot be wielded but you turn in to collector)
  4. All the items used in the quests for "Facility Hub/Explorer Hub/Teleportation Device" (Mi Krau-Li's Jitte isn't tradeable)
  5. Lots of Eater Jaws
  6. Flagging for Kill Quest 500 Tusker Guards
  7. Fire Rend 250+wield requirement Weapon

Make sure when gaining experience from mobs/quests you have your experience trinket on at all times for a nice boost in xp

Upon creation of a character you will Start in the Training Dungeon, go through the first door take a left and talk to the guy in the next room, he gives you a White Gem, give the gem back to him and you get teleported out of the dungeon with instant level 5 and you get a token and Teleportation Device.

Goto your local Pathwarder and give him the Pathwarden Token for a key which opens a chest near him, loot everything in the chest, especially the trinket which grants 4% xp bonus (works for mobs and quest turn in!).

Save your starter gear so you can salvage it when you get a high salvaging skill for dual bag material returns on salvaging.

Have your "person" (be it patron, vassal or monarch or a friend.. or a random someone donating them..) give you the Lugian Hammers/Axes once you're near the correct npc (use for information/location on npc)

You should be at level 15.

After doing this you will then use your Teleportation Device taking you to the Facility/Explorer Hub.

Have someone give you one item at a time for each npc until it wont let you anymore.

Should be level 20

To gain the levels required you will Ensure you have the 500 Tusker Guard kill quest (its a npc in Lin town that flags you for it)
Make sure you have your fire rend weapon (and fire arrows if you are using range, or a level 4,5,6 fire spell with correct components with s2m,revite and heals)
You will level in the BSD used by the Tusker Statue from you Allegiance. If you keep dieing then do the tusker/Olthoi pincers in the Facility Hub.

Turn the rest of the items in and you should be level 47-48.

Finish the kill task on the 500 Tusker Guards for 20,000,000xp This should grant you level 50-52

Group with the person holding the Eater Jaws((with experience enabled, since your lvl 50+ its 75% xp share regardless of their level)) and have him turn them all in until you are level 80.

If your only level 70 then go do all the olthoi pincer quests and farm Alphus Lassel Tusker dungeons for experience or Olthoi Dungeons.

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