Auction House: Bids and Buyouts

This guide, was actually written with WoW in mind, but today's games all seem to have an Auction House, or similar method to sell items. I know this will easily apply not just to WoW, but also to Runes of Magic, Rift, Warhammer, and I am sure many more. I have adapted it to apply to all games.

When you post an item to sell on the AH, you have the choice of setting a bid price, or setting the bid price and the buyout price.

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What is a Bid, What's a Buyout

A bid price is the lowest amount that a seller would accept to purchase the item. When you set your bidding price you need to check 1) that you would be willing to accept that price for the item, and 2) that the amount is not lower than the vendor price.  You may laugh at the second advice, but it is possible to make very decent gold with an Auction scan and search for items to resell to a vendor for profit!  Some guys just do not realise that merrily undercutting the other sellers leaves them open to exploitation.  Don’t be one of them.  Check your prices before you click!

Player bidding

Even though playtimes are now longer than before, I doubt any of your potential buyers are willing to stand around bidding against each other for 48 hours!

No Buyout – No Sale!

Today: if you do not set a buyout price, then you risk your auction being ignored by players. Some addons' buyout screen virtually ignores items without a buyout price. I even skim past them, when searching for an item. A 48 hour auction, which has a bid price of 10 gold, will likely get over-bid repeatedly. Since I can't watch the auction constantly and it won't end in the near future, I won't even bid on the item anymore.

If a player wants an item now, then he wants it NOW.  He doesn’t want to haggle.   Items bought today are more likely to be for immediate use, such as mats for crafting, flasks for raiding, updated gear.  Tell today’s player that he can’t have the item until the end of the auction duration, minimum 12 hours, and he’ll either throw a tantrum or just buy something else or worse, from someone else.

Today’s bidding Wars

If a player is willing to haggle, then negotiating is now normally done through chat whispers.  Occasionally I have set up parties where interested bidders could fight it out between themselves.

When to sell bid-only items

The only time I can think you would not post a buyout price on your AH item would be if you are selling something horrendously expensive and are willing to accept any price over that large amount.  Or if you want to tease and get amusement from frustrated players who want a very rare item.  I’ve also offered items in the AH with a very low starting bid and no buyout when I want to use this as an advertisement to whip up some hype in the trade channel.

/2 WTS for 1c in the AH now.  No buyout price, so your bid could win!  Whisper me for prices for other items I can make.

When to buy bid-only items

The classic time to put in a bid for an item without a buyout price, or even for an item with an ending-soon buyout is the night before the weekly maintenance.  This is Usually on Monday or Tuesday nights. You can place a low bid on items that you want to buy.  During overnight maintenance, auction duration continues to countdown.  With no players online to bid more than your offer, the auction might close without any other bids.

Although this is a strategy known to quite a lot of players, you might be surprised at the low numbers who actually remember to do this on your server, so it is worth checking this week.


Talking point: Do you remember the old auction times on the WoW AH?  I seem to  have vague memories of a 30m duration, but no reminder screenshots.

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