How to bet in Blackjack

This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

The first post, is how to play Blackjack - and it's a playing strategy, which I came up with after 2 years of dealing the game.  It's unconventional, but an excellent way to win.  You can click here, to see the post.  I originally decided to put the guide up, because a lot of MMO games, have casino games inside their own games, and understanding the game can help you to easily win.

When you play any game, it's easy to just drone on, and play the same amount of money each time.  However in any game, the house has an advantage.  Over time, this advantage will mean you lose, when it's applied.  For example, Blackjack has a 4% house advantage.  That means for every $1000 you bet, you will LOSE $40.  The only way around this, is to use a betting strategy, along with a playing strategy in order to win more.

There are 2 betting strategies I am going to suggest, either is acceptable to use.  I will also explain some of the more stupid betting strategies.  In these strategies, I am going to refer to the amount as units.  If you normally play $5 a hand, then your $5 will equal 1 unit.  If you normally bet $25, then your $25 will equal 1 unit.  2 units, will be 2x your normal bet.  4 units will be 4x your normal bet.

The first, thing we are going to do, is bet your normal unit.  If you lose, bet 1 unit.  When you win your first time, don't change your bet, bet the same unit.  If you win the next hand,  increase your bet by 1 unit, so that it is now 2 units.  If you the next hand, increase your bet by 1 unit, making it 3 units.  If you lose, go back to 1 unit.  If you win the next hand, increase your bet by 1 unit, so that it is now 4 units.  Keep this up till you lose, then when you lose, decrease your bet to 1 unit, and start over.

A variation of this, is to bet 1 unit, wait till 2 wins in a row, then bet 1.5 units.  If you again win, increase your bet by 1/2 the amount currently bet.  If you lose, bet 1 unit again, and start over.  If you win, increase your bet by 1/2 the amount currently bet. etc.

Both of the above methods are are acceptable ways to bet.  You will keep control of your money, and it will be hard to lose, but if you get on a winning streak, you will win a lot more.  They are called winning strategies.

There are a couple variations of the above strategies, which are not good, and will ultimately make you lose.  Remember them, don't do them...

When you lose a hand, double your bet.  Each time you lose, double your bet.  The problem with this, is that when you finally win, you will only win your original bet.  Using numbers to follow this method, think of it as $10 being doubled till it hits $320.  You will have bet a total of $310.  So when you do finally win, you will only gain the extra $10.  And whats worse, is when you hit the table limit, and can't double the bet anymore.  This is called losing progressive.

Another losing strategy is to double your bet, each time you win, every time.  So if you bet 1 unit, and win, then the next hand, you bet 2 units, then 4 units, then 8 units... but the problem here, is that when you do lose, if you don't pull anything back, you will lose the original unit you bet, and eventually go down.

Ever wonder why casinos in most places give you free drinks? It's to make you not able to keep track of your betting strategies and playing strategies.

I once had a guy playing roulette (pick a number and hope it hits).  He bet red, and put down $100.  Then when he lost, he bet $200.  When he lost again, he bet $400... he kept betting, till he hit the table limit.  Now in Roulette, there is 45% chance that the dealer will roll your red and 45% chance to roll black, with a 10% chance to roll green, the zero and double zero.  However the law of averages doesn't alway apply... eventually, the dealer will hit your color, but there is no way to say when it will be.  That day, I rolled 17 in a row... no red.  He lost over $3000 in less then 15 minutes, because he did a losing progressive, and then hit the table limit.  Had there been no limit and had he enough money, he would have won $100 eventually.

I hope this info helped you, being a dealer I learned some other things as well.  One of the best tips I can tell you, after dealing in both Nevada and California, is to tip the dealer.  I know, you think it's just a gift, why should you do it, right?  Here's some hidden info... the dealer can control if you win or lose.  How? I will leave that up to your speculation, but let me just leave you with this... it's not necessarily them cheating, there are other methods to make you win or lose.

{edit} I actually found an interesting tool, to help you win at Online Casinos. The Blackjack Sniper software incorporates many different strategies that help the player to win at online blackjack. The strategies that Blackjack Sniper uses are a combination of blackjack strategy, card counting, wager adjustment, timed events, and progression. Now if only they would make a version we could use with actual casinos...

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