Champions Online: Tactics Guide

written by sinisterporpoise

Champions Online will soon go to the free to play model. This may affect the supreme lack of tactics that has dominated the game since it came out. The lack of tactics are due in part to the customization. Whether or not the free to play builds will actually encourage tactics in the game remains to be seen. For now, I've decided to offer up a quick guide that will help the game's instances become less of a Zergling rush than it currently is.

Line of Sight: The Key to Using Tactics in Champions Online

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All of Cryptic's MMORPGs use the same engine. This engine, and the engine used for World of Warcraft allow the players to use line of sight pulling to reduce the amount of mobs that come with you. Ideally, a tank or a munitions character should do the pulling. Whoever does the pull goes forth alone. There is no need for other people to accompany him. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of the exercise.

The puller should begin with a long range attack. Sniper shot from the munitions power is good, especially if the player has bought the Tungsten rounds upgrade. Champions Online tactics require the sniper to line up several targets in a line. Ideally, a high damage single target attack can make the job of a group easier. Regardless of a puller's skill set, the puller must run behind the group, preferably behind a wall. Breaking line of sight is the key to getting into large rooms, especially on missions.

The Second Champions Online Tactic: Building Aggro

Building hate in Champions Online is not as easy as it is in other games. Part of the reason for this is that the taunt command does not work the way it is supposed. The second reason is that a player's presence statistic increases the effectiveness of a character's taunts and detaunts. Not every power set has the critical strikes option available on its energy building attack.

As with all other character based games, the other members of the party must let the tank build aggro. Certain high damage power sets or builds should let the tank build up aggro longer.

Another Important Champions Online Tactic: Working With Healers

Celestial and force characters can heal people easily, although celestial tends to be the set most people associate with healing. (Damage celestial builds are possible, but they are uncommon.) Experienced and Inexperienced players make the mistake of hitting recover while the healer is still up. Going back to the nearest spawn point. Wait for the group to wipe before hitting recover. Some items in the game allow a player to resurrect themselves.

Celestial healers can use illumination to increase the amount of damage they heal on party members and the amount of damage his party does on enemy targets.

Final Part of Champions Online Tactics: Crowd Control

World of Warcraft has taught many players that area effect spells are a good idea. Players who came from Everquest or earlier games may remember the importance of crowd control Both tactics work in Champions Online, but which tactic works better depends on group makeup. If a group has a battlefield controller. The use of crowd control powers is highly visible in Champions. Try not to break the ice cages or other obvious holds of others.

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  1. Just a few more days until the re-launch of Champions Online as a Free-To-Play game. Now, I’ll be able to take my demo version character, Ultimate Champion, out of Millenium City. Woohoo!

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