DDO: Dwarf Batman Build – Sneaky DPS Tank

Imagine a sneaky dps tank, with the ability to find your traps, then disarm them.  Imagine massive DPS with decent armorclass and hit points.  This is the Dwarf Batman build. If you have the veteran build its much easier.

32pt Build
15 Strength
15 Dexterity
12 Constitution
14 Intelligence
11 Wisdom
12 Charisma

Start with a rogue who is lawful good (that's an oxymoron, lol)
Lots of skills 40 to be exact max as many rogue skills as you can 1py in tumble. Ignore Haggle (build a haggle bard to do you selling and buying if you want the haggle skill)

1st level
Feat: Toughness

2nd level Ranger
Keep up your hide, move silent, and rogue skills. Spend 2 pts if necessary.
Favored Enemy: Undead

3rd level Ranger
Skills: Same as before
Feats: Oversized two weapon fighting

4th level Paladin
Skills: Put them in heal
Ability Point: Strength

5th level Paladin
Skills: Keep putting them in Rogue

6th level Paladin
Skills: Same as before
Feat: Dodge

7th level: Ranger
Skills: Update the ranger/rogues skills to max

8th level: Rogue
Skills: Max out all Rogue class skills that you can.
Ability point: Dexterity

9th level: Ranger
Skills: Max what you can
Feat: Mobility

10th level: Rogue
Skills: Max them, dont forget balance

11th level: Ranger
Favored Enemy: Constructs

12th level: Ranger
Ability Point: Dexterity
Feat: Spring Attack
Now, take Whirlwind Style

Now alternate between Rogue and Ranger.
Do not go over level 5 Rogue
Continue to max Ranger till level 12

Your character can wear Mithril Platemail without skill penalties
Smite 2 times, Lay on Hands 2 times
Ssneak attack for 3d6 +9
Dual wield dwarven axes
You are immune to fear and disease as well as resistant to magic, poison, and most elemental attacks.

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  1. Tom says:

    Do you have a plan for the action points for this build?

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