Elder Scrolls Online: Release Date Pushed Back – Spring 2014

It was supposed to go live this year, but it seems that Elder Scrolls Online is being pushed back. Really I can't blame them, if you want to not only get, but keep more players, a finished product is much more desirable to be released then a half finished product. Take any of the games that were released early, see that they gained epic amounts of purchasers and then rapidly declined. Most games in fact seem to keep only about 1/10th of their purchased quantity after 1 month, and 1% of the total, 6 months later, with a steady decline after that. If in fact you consider when a game is released too early, then the numbers are even more dismal. Perfect examples were Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Age of Conan, and even SWTOR.

Here's a video from their upcoming game, via E3.


ESO will be released for the PS4, XBox One, Mac OS, and Windows PC OS. I presume some of the waiting is in part for the release of XBox One which is supposed to be released around November/December 2013 in time for the holidays and gift buying.

Side Note: I was trying to think of the last time, 3 competitive factions were introduced in the beginning of the game. To some extent, Rift has that now. But before that I am thinking of Dark Ages of Camelot. Has there been any released since then with 3 factions, does anyone know?


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