Aion: Elyos-Verteron Mythic Item Guide

All the items require level 20, and are bound to you . All but the mob in the Garrison are soloable, they hit pretty hard so make sure you are well stocked, or have a friend with you. The key to finding these drops is patience, channel surfing, and loot whoring. These mobs can drop the item, but don’t get discouraged if the first one doesn’t drop it.  All of these mobs are 4-star mobs.

All of these items can be extracted from. I extracted the Plate Gloves and received a Level 27 Enchantment Stone. If you are looking to over-enchant your gear around level 20 I would definitely farm these items.

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Chankaki's Cloth Jacket Rare Item Guide
Chankaki’s Cloth Jacket Dropped by Battle Shaman Chankaki in the Dukaki Settlement. Go to the location in the guide map, hide in the back of the tent, and browse the channels until you find him. He hits hard, and will probably have a Sentinel add ready to hit you as well. He does spawn in other tents. If you have gone though all the channels and don’t see him, run North West a little and check those tents as well.
Battle Shaman Chankaki Guide

Mepisto's Plate Gloves Rare Item Guide

Mepisto’s Plate Gloves Dropped by Lonely Mepisto in Altamia Ridge. He’s located just above the ‘i’ in Ridge on the map. He'll be on the top of a little hill overlooking the path. He looks just like the Elysean Spirits in the area. He only spawns at night, but he can be found in the daytime if he is not killed. You will probably be doing more channel surfing with this one. He doesn’t hit as hard as the other mobs.
Lonely Mepisto Rare Item Guide
Shalph's Leather Shoes Rare Item Guide

Shalph’s Leather Shoes Dropped by Wind Spirit Shalph in the Holy Grounds of Miraju. Directly above the ‘A’ in Ardus Shrine (on the map) you will find it. The Wind Spirit hits hard. Be careful of other roaming spirits.
Wind Spirit Shaph Rare Item Guide

Sailor's Staff Rare Item Guide

Sailor’s Staff This one is different. It is dropped instead by Abandoned Cargo.  You can get it from those boxes floating in the water around Cantas Coast. But this one is special: Instead of 2 stars this is a 4 star mob. Take the teleporter in and start tabbing around to find the one with 4-stars. This guy can be floating anywhere. It doesn’t hit too hard but still rather vicious for a box (a mimic?). This staff is nice. Extracting two of the staves, one gave a Lvl 24 Enchantment Stone, and the other gave 2 Level 36 Enchantment Stones.
Sailor's Staff - Abandoned Cargo Rare Item Guide

Leather Belt of the Tursin Tribe (Belt: Magic Resist 46, Max MP +48, Accuracy +21)
Kraka’s Mask (Head: Magic Boost +24, Max. MP+96, Magical Res +90, Evasion +36)
Tursin Seal
(Ring: Magic Resist 46, Max MP +48, Magic Boost +12)
chieftain kraka rare items
These are all dropped by a boss due south of the Garrison named Chieftain Kraka. He is a level 20 elite. Make a group and surf channels, to farm him.

Good luck

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