EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 10 of 12

Direwind Cliffs (Undead) 75 – 77

Once you’re in Direwind Cliffs head west to the camp of undead, below is a picture showing you where it is from the Sunderock Zoneline.

In this camp you’ll find at least 4 different types of mobs, all of them being undead. The main difference of this camp and the one above it is this one is pure 100% undead. The one above has some living mobs mixed in.

Items of Interest:
Ash Covered Scrap Metal
Ash Covered Hide
Ash Covered Link
Cracked Animated Bone
Golem Bone Dust
Golem Horn
Scratched Animated Bone
Worn Bone
Black Sapphire

Items That Aren’t Worth A Damn:
Portal Fragment
Clan Direwind Golem Stitching

Once you reach level 77 it’s time to leave the Direwind Graveyard and head to Loping Plains. The easiest way to get to Loping Plains is from PoK, So head there and take the Ak’anon stone. You will find yourself in Steamfont Mountains. When you arrive here turn around and head northeast towards the Loping Plains and Dragonscale Hills zoneline.

Once you arrive in Loping Plains you will have to head to the northwestern portion of the zone, ALLLLLLLLLL the way across the zone. You will be heading towards the Hills of Shade zoneline.

Note: The two black Squares near the blue line are where there are undead zombies. Watch out for these, they will see through your invis. If you do agro them, keep running and zone into Hills of Shade, then zone back and return to the camp.


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