EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 12 of 12

Hills of Shade 83 - 85 And Beyond!

Once you're in Hills of Shade you will want to head northeast up to the undead.

Right near the Graveyard you will find a small town, that you can get someone to bind you in if you wanted to be bound here. (Don't recommend it but, if you want to) There isn't anything in this Graveyard aside from Zombies, so keep the number one rule in mind... Don't get bit otherwise you'll have to inject yourself with the Anti-virus!!

Items of Interest:
Maggot-Ridden Head
Plump Maggot
Rotting Torso
Rk. II Spells

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Ancient Animated Flesh

(Requesting more items to put on this loot table, send me an email at almarsguides@yahoo.com if you know of anymore loot)

These zombies don't drop much loot.. Unfortunate since we will be here so long. These guys will take you all the way up to level 85 and many many AA's after that.

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