EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 3 of 12

Estate of Unrest 15 - 30

Once you enter Unrest follow the tunnel till you come out and have a large mansion in front of you. You can kill stuff around the mansion until about level 17. "The Stuff" includes; Death Beetles, Jack o' lanterns, Zombies and Skeletons.

Items of Interest:
Pristine Giant Scarab Carapace
Amanita Phalloide
Small Bag
Large Raw-Hide Leggings
Belt Pouch
Bone Chips (Stack to 100, and sell in the Bazaar fairly well)
Grave Mold
Zombie Skin

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Giant Scarab Eye
Giant Scarab Legs
Giant Scarab Egg Sack
Cracked Giant Scarab Carapace
Rusty Dagger
Parrying Dagger
Short Beer
Large Raw-hide Cloak (Unless Wearable)
Large Raw-hide Shoulderpads
Calcified Sternum
Pumpkin Flesh
Jack-O-Lantern Fungus
Handful of Pumpkin Seeds

If you have a merc you'll be able to head right into the mansion with no trouble, without a merc you'll have to stay outside until level 17. Once you do reach level 17 It's time to head inside the creepy mansion! Once you're inside the mansion you'll be encountering a different set of monsters, mostly Ghouls and Skeletons but you'll encounter some mummies.

Items of Interest:
Bronze Weapons (about 1pp each, only keep if you have extra inventory space)
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 23
Large Bag
Gold Ring (You can equip the gold ring, then un equip and sell later!)
Raw-Hide Armor (If usable)
Words of the Spoken
Words of Tyranny
Words of Intimidation
Rune of Nagafen
Ringmail Gear
Mithril Earring
Words of Spirit
Words of Anthology
Silver Amulet
Words of Sentient (Azia)
Part of Tasarin's Grimoire Pg. 26

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Rusty Weapons
Ghoul's Heart
Dull Bone Chips
Dark Bone Chips
Chunk of Refined Metal
Darkbone Marrow

When you first enter the mansion stay clear of the big rooms, you'll usually get 3-4 mobs at a time, which is obviously BAD! =D. Also on the first floor keep your eye out for "Ghoul Basher" He is a level 22 nammed that will give you a beating if you're below level 20. You can stay on the first floor of the Mansion killing these mobs until around level 23. Then I usually move up to the second floor, and maybe third floor.

You'll find at least 3 or 4 different nammeds in Unrest, a festering hag, Ghoul Basher, Chipped Bone Skeleton and Moldering Hag

Items of Interest:
Belt of the Dead
Leather Leggings of the Haunted
Haunted Stone Earring
Greaves of the Haunted
Fine Steel Weapons
Flame Agate
Charred Agate
Gold Ring
Jade Shard
Jade Earring
Ringmail Gear
Silver Amulet
Rune of Velious
Rune of Neglect
Rune of Al'kabor
Bone Chips

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Festering Cloak
Charred Dagger
Ice of Velious
Grave Mold
Ghoul Carrion
Pearl Shard
Steel Knuckles
Weighted Gloves
Parts of Tasarin's Grimoire (Unless they stack with previous pages)
Words of (For researching, if you need room destroy these)
Sunshard Dust
Werebat Wing
Thick Caustic Fluid

You'll be able to easily kill the whole mansion starting at level 25. You'll get a good Rhythm going, just kill everything you see and try not to pull too many and you'll be fine. After you hit level 30 It's time to leave Unrest and head to Lower Guk. To get to Lower Guk take the Gukta stone from PoK to Innothule Swamp (The Gukta stone on the evil side of PoK). Once you're in Innothule Swamp head Northeast to Upper Guk.

Now once you're in Upper Guk you'll have to head to the very northern portion of the zone, there is where you will find Lower Guk. This zone may be hard to navigate, just remember head NORTH. Also nothing is KoS to you in this zone (Or shouldn't be at least) so navigation through it shouldn't be too dangerous.

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