EQ: Leveling Guide 1-85, Undead Zones, part 9 of 12

Arcstone 71-75

After you hit level 71, this is one of the best zones you can be in. You can access Arcstone from the Guild Hall. If you don't have a guild.... Well I don't know how else to get here =(. The good thing about Arcstone is the "Oh shit" ability. If you pull too many you can run to the end of the world and jump off. (Don't worry you'll end up in Freeport safe and sound!)

Once you arrive in Arcstone from the Guild Hall, you'll be in a small camp of NPC's. To get to the undead from here you should head northeast. Pop an invis if you got it, just incase. For better directions follow my map below to see exactly where to go;

In this are you'll want to watch out for Manifestation of Ravenglass. He is a big skeleton that walks around this area. If you're lacking in the AA and Gear department you'll get one serious beat down.

Items of Interest:
Powder of Ro
Leathered Zombie Flesh
Favor of Druzzil (Sell in Bazaar)
Crushed Diamond Dust
Shriveled Flesh
Shield of Ravenglass' Victim
Shaped Prestidigitase
Essence of Zombie Rage
Crystallized Sulfur
Broken Wand

Items That Aren't Worth A Damn:
Blade of Ravenglass' Victim
Arcstone Spirit Dust
Lance of Ravenglass' Victim
Spear of Ravenglass' Victim

Now that you're level 75 it is a great time to leave Arcstone and go head to Direwind Graveyard. To get to Direwind Graveyard get to PoK, you can ether jump off of Arcstone to be taken to East Freeport then run to the nearest PoK book or gate somewhere else.

Once you're in PoK head over to the Guild Hall and take the portal to Goru'kar Mesa. From Goru'kar Mesa head northeast to Sunderock Springs. Below is a map to show you the easiest route there;

Once you're in Sunderock Springs you have a long journey north to Direwind Cliffs. Below is a map to show you the route to take. The first picture is the first half, and the second is the second half, due to the size of the zone I could not fit it all in one stretch.

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