EVE Online: Voice Communications in PvP

Voice Communication in PvP

Voice communications is an invaluable resource for a fleet. It allows you to act and react faster than the enemy. Good disciplined comms lets the Hydra Fleet to maximize its effectiveness because the FC (Fleet Commander) can coordinate the weight of weapons and EWAR on the enemy's vulnerabilities. The Fleet depends on mobility and surprise; both of these are hard to maintain without voice communication.

Voice Comms vs Text Chat

There tends to be some confusion about when you should use voice comms and when you should use text chat. In general, voice is used in the theory section for answering questions and having a proper discussion with the instructor. Text chat can be used for administrative things such as late arrivals (try to avoid this), Ventrilo problems (there are always a few) and asking for links to the Fleet Manager Tool.

During the practical section in lowsec, you can still ask questions and carry on a discussion over Vent. However, if the fleet is approaching a gate, don't use voice for questions so that the FC can listen for recon and intelligence reports. You always want to know what's on the other side of the gate and sometime reports come in at the last second. Keep using text chat for admin and easy to answer shorter questions. If you raise an important point in text, the instructor or one of the fleet members will bring it up on vent so that everyone can benefit.

In 0.0, you have to be selective about when to talk on vent. However, it is your class so don't be afraid to use Vent to ask questions. Just listen before you key your microphone so that you don't "step on" someone else's question. If you hear "break break", "recon" or "battlecomms", stay quiet until the urgency passes. The word "urgency" is really the key to using vent. Voice comms are used when things are urgent because seconds count and typing is too slow. If there's nothing "urgent" going on, get your questions going. These instructors have tons of information for you so dig it out of them.

Battle comms: When the FC (or for the purposes of a class, anyone) calls battlecomms, all members of the fleet should be quiet and listen for orders. During this time, the FC will be hearing reports, issuing orders or just taking a moment to think. It's our time, as noobs, to hold questions on vent. If it is something urgent, you can still use gang or squad chat to type your question.

Break Break: Someone has urgent information on the fleet's tactical situation for the FC. Everyone listen up; hopefully it's about your next victim.

Recon: The scouts that are flying ahead or behind the gang will start their report by saying "recon". The FC needs to hear this info, so save your questions for later or type them into fleet chat.

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