EVE Online: Wolfpack Tactics guide – A fun way to PvP

As you have seen from our PVP-BASIC post, the frigate fleet can be an amazingly powerful entity despite its diminutive sized ships. When you add in the destroyers to such a fleet, what you get is a fleet of fast moving ships that have a very deadly potential. With the EWAR capability of the fleet as well as the damage output of a destroyer, you can take down large targets quite fast. This kind of mixed fleet is referred to as a "wolfpack". Note that a wolfpack can also includes tech 2 frigates/destroyers but they are outside the scope of this course. A
wolfpack is a very fun way to to PvP because it allows the pvpers to move fast and get lots of action (for a very reasonable price tag!).

However, if you fly this kind of fleet randomly, putting little thought into its configuration or tactics, all you have is a blob; a disorganized mass of ships that operate inefficiently. A wolfpack commanded by a competent command structure and with well trained pilots would slaughter any blob. The difference between the winner and loser here is fittings and tactics; we have already covered fittings in basic and supplementary destroyer articles so it is time to get to the tactics.

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