EverQuest 2: Max AA


As you know repeatable quests don't give AA but there are some quest that are repeatable but don't have the repeatable tag on them in particular the betrayal quests.

So at around 25 ( use 25th because at this point you have ports, evacs, run speed, mounts, tinkering etc etc to make it easier) you can betray you will get AA for doing the quests to ditch your city then when you become exile start doing the bounty quest series these give around 10% AA every turn in and the first time you run it u get like an extra 7% for each named.

These quests give AA but here's the catch, say you do the really easy quests and go back to your city. If you betray again you get AA all over again!

There are around 52 quests in the entire betrayal series that around 5 AA's every time around plus you get an extra 4AA the first time you betray.

Use eq2i.com for the quest info and get ready to be a beast! Oh yeah a class with ports will be faster but any class can do it just run to the bells and take them to the zones you need. Or level your tinkering as tinkering is a useful high end ability anyway!

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