Starcraft 2: Evil Ling Rush & How to Counter strategy

written by CraniX

Ling Rush

  1. Build 2 Drones
  2. Build Spawning Pool
  3. Build 1 Drone, 1 Overlord - These two will build before spawning pool is done
    • *** Spawning Pool Complete ***
  4. Build 6 Lings
  5. Rush!, even when a player has walled off go for supply depots and pylons first. Once the wall is breached go for marines, zealots, & Drone's/Probe's/SCV's first, then systematically go for buildings according to importance.
  6. Build Queen/Gas
  7. Build 2 Drones
  8. Zergling Speed!
  9. Continue to make lings either sending them into the enemy base manually or set the rally point to their base.

Ling Rush Counters


  1. To counter this, use an SCV to repair the building being attacked.
  2. Use marines to shoot attackers while scv repairs. They will be safe as it is to early to have ranged units during a early rush.


  1. Rush him


  1. Wall off, not completely, leave a choke so that zealots can get through. Stalkers can have blink later on in the game, also you will have warp-gate's so you will be able to warp in units wherever there is a pylon.
  2. Cannons!
  3. Sentry's are your friend. FORCE FIELD the ramp if you feel like you're in danger.

If you have any other counters, or think you know a better strategy, please share it with us.

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