Evony Age 1 – Instant Armies guide

Today I will discuss what attack level your hero has to be, in order to build Instant Troops. By instant, I mean that you can build troops in “zero” seconds. For example, let’s say you want to queue 20k warriors they will be Instantly built, if your attack level, is as high as the recommended value. Remember to make the attack hero, the mayor, to get this benefit.

Warriors432 attack level
Workers : 571 attack level
Scouts 709 attack level
Pikesmen790 attack level
Swordsmen871 attack level

Archers959 attack level
Cavarly1030 attack level
Transporter1168 attack level
Cataphracts1249 attack level
Ballistae1388 attack level
Battering Rams1468 attack level
Catapults 1526 attack level

How does all this help you, you might ask? If you know what’s being sent at you, you can then use this information to plan a defense.  For example, if you are about to be hit with 2k cavalry waves, to get your loyalty down, then if your hero has 790 attack, you can throw up 3k to 5k pikemen really quick. Since they are instant build, the enemy won’t be able to scout you ahead of time, they will simply lose their cavalry.

Note, these number are for Age 1. They have not been tested with Age 2. However these could probably be tested on Age 2, if someone wants to “test” it.

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One Response to Evony Age 1 – Instant Armies guide

  1. Pranx says:

    3 to 5k?
    That seems like not a lot.. seeing as how, my 790 attack, puts out insta both, so why not just through up like 50k oh each?? lmao

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