Evony: Building a Resource city, for you and your Alliance

This is an original strategy guide, written by Spitt of mmoexploiters.com.

On most servers Iron and Wood cost more then any other resource. Occasionally, food is a scarce resource, usually on older servers - that's just supply and demand however, since NPC farming should get you enough food to last a while.  I have decided I want to build a resource city.  I am going to make it produce both wood and iron, and to allow the storage in warehouses, but to not produce armies.  If armies are needed, they will be housed there from other cities.  The idea is to only make it a resources producing town, good for alliances and peeps who want to have their own "farm town".

Primarily it will be Lumbermills and Ironmines, with 1 each of Farm and Quarry.  I make those, simply for the bonuses.  Instead of building a ton of barracks, I will build 1, with a ton of Warehouses.  This will allow me again to gain the bonus.  The barracks will be destroyed after all the bonuses are gained.

We will do away with wall defenses, and instead leave the gates open and a maximum sized embassy (with armies housed within).  When we need resources we will simply close the gates, kick the city from the alliance, have our own armies attack, and shift the resources around in the warehouses to make them available for the attacking army.  Once the "raid" is complete, we open the gates again, re-work the warehouse percentages, and invite back to the alliance.

Tip 1: For some unknown reason, most people grab level 10 Lakes.  In most cases since food is cheaper on most servers, it's better to grab Hills and Forests.

Tip 2: If you or your alliance - or even group of alliances are being pounded by the top few alliances, band together, and stop selling food.  With the lack of food, or even higher food rates, then the enemies who have been attacking you, can starve and lose their armies.

2 Responses to Evony: Building a Resource city, for you and your Alliance

  1. bradley says:

    Lumber and stone on most servers is dear to get and is used the most. The easiest way to produce it is to build a second city and focus on getting resources. But on the that city only focus on resources

    hope i helped

  2. ConRaviLa says:

    Yeah your right! I have a main city which i use for army and stuff and I have a city with lots of 1 whole row of each resource all the way to level 8 and the rest i divided amongst them.

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